web design

Web Design

Websites that look great across devices and enable easier content updates. Your website will use a builder that enables you to add video, audio, forms, images and much more at the click of a button.


Logos, Branding and Print

Logos, Branding and Print

Logos, brochures, Business cards, Books covers and more. If you are considering creating a website but don't have a logo or branding, you can get them done at the same time.



Training and continued support are available for each project. Using one of the most widely popular Wordpress themes every element of your website will come with instructional videos that teach your users how to implement edits on the fly without using code.

What's the problem with Diy?

DIY is a tough road. There's SO MUCH that a dedicated professional knows about websites that can make the difference in how much you earn online. You might be making mistakes going at it alone and never know that you are repelling customers. Things like font choice, color choice, and layout can convey clearly that you made it yourself (and not in a good way).

Wix, Squarespace and Weebly are not what they seem. They bill themselves as an affordable way to build, maintain, and promote a website BUT they aren't. Every time you want a new feature, new template, or improvement they charge extra. Your inexpensive website is costing you way more to run than you imagined, but even more in lost customers. They're also buggy. You have no guarantee that design elements will look correct. Many of their templates are old or broken. Furthermore, if you have a problem and need support you won't be talking over the phone to a helpful specialist. Are you interested in SEO? Forget it. Their platforms perform poorly in SEO testing and make it difficult to manage analytics and Social Media tracking code. If you DO manage to finally create a beautiful site, you don't get to keep it if you walk away. Your template will not work on other self hosted websites.

So basically, you're renting an inferior website with no option to buy it.



 Ground up Design
 Technical Support
 CRM Integrations
 Online Classrooms
 Business Automations

Graphic Design

 Book Formatting & Covers
 PDF Creation
 Sales Sheets
Business Cards
General Branding


 Wordpress Training
 Digital Marketing Plans
 Business Coaching
 Online Courses

Social Media

 Channel Creation & Startup
 Content Planning
 Bulk Posting
 Ad Creatives & Setup


  SEO Copy Writing
 On Page SEO
 Backlink Building

Monthly Website Maintenance Plans

I don’t charge by the hour like large marketing conglomerates, but I have access to the same powerful set of resources (and then some). I want you to succeed, which is why I offer monthly tracks that break down exactly what you’ll get each month.

I have watched businesses either pay hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to large marketing firms or go at it alone and cost themselves almost the same amount as they learn to DIY it and piece meal their brand. You don’t have time for that! Get started now and we’ll build your online business together faster than you thought was possible.

Add Ons

For Monthly Plans

Service Add Ons are part of the Enhanced Service plan but may be purchased A' La Carte by current clients.

 SEO work: build towards a solid seo plan using proven google methods to boost rank. (a 300.00 per month value)

 Blog creation (use of SEO keywords as PDC writes a blog for you for the purposes of SEO and social media growth). (A 200.00 value)

 One Email blast (a 100.00 value)

 Google basic business setup (a 300.00 value)

 Analytics reporting and analysis (a 100.00 value)

 A social media post (a 50.00 value)

 Marketing coaching session


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While we are located in PA, meetings are virtual. We work with companies across the country. No matter where you hail from we're happy to help!