Hi, Thank you reaching out for support. I try to make sure your website is in tip top shape, but sometimes things happen. Please read the following tabs thoroughly. Once you create a support ticket you are agreeing to pay for support services at the rate described below. Not all problems are the same, but I do try to cover everything. Customers who are enrolled in a monthly maintenance program will have those fees waived.
Retrieving Your Hosting Password: Must have for ticket

Most clients who are not on a managed hosting plan will be using Hostmonster. Unless I have very recently (within the last 2 weeks) worked on your website I will not have your hosting password saved. This is for security purposes. Prior to creating a support ticket you must have your accurate User Name and Password. If you can’t follow the steps below charges will apply.


Logging In to Hostmonster

  1. Go to https://www.hostmonster.com/
  2. Click Control Panel Login. Sometimes your login is saved in your browser. If the login information is pre filled, go ahead and try logging in.      
  3. If it doesn’t work, there is a link to retrieve your password below the submit button. This will send a password reset to the original email address that you used to sign up. You’ll need access to that email account.
  4. If none of that works, or if you just feel more comfortable speaking to someone you can contact Hostmonster via phone, or via chat. Chat is typically faster but may not be the best route for a complicated issue.  Visit https://www.hostmonster.com/contact-us if you need Hostmonster support.
Retrieving Your WordPress Password: Must have for ticket

Do you have a wordpress.com account? If no, skip.
It is important to note that if you have a wordpress.com blog AND a WordPress installation on a hosting server that they are DIFFERENT sites. I often see login issues result from wordpress.com trying to over ride your hosted wordpress website. Log out of wordpress.com before trying to access your hosted wordpress website. A wordpress installation on a server will detect any open wordpress.com blogs and try to log you in there. If this happens, you’ll have the option to choose your login method. Do not choose login at wordpress.com as it will not be your hosted wordpress account. If you suspect this, and cannot get to your website hosted by Hostmonster, you can clear your browser cache (cache remember your passwords and keeps you logged into frequently used sites). If this doesn’t work, try using another browser application (IE, switch to edge/explorer if you usually use chrome). If you can’t tell if you’re logged in at wordpress.com or your hosted site a good way to tell the difference is to see if it uses the Divi builder when you log in. If you are trying to access a website I have built you will see the Divi theme when logged in.

The instructions here only support websites created by me and hosted on either Hostmonster or my managed hosting platform. These instructions do not reflect accurately how to fix login issues on non supported hosts or wordpress.com blogs.

Retrieving your WordPress password
1. Go to www.yoururlhere.com/wp-admin
2. Your username and password might be saved here if you have not cleared your cache. Try logging in.
3. If if does not work, click the link that says Forgot Password. It will send a link to your email address that contains a password reset. If you do not see it within 10 minutes check you spam. It often gets collected there.
4. If you WERE able to log in, but still want to change your password go to the left side menu in wordpress and find Users > Your Profile. Scroll to the bottom of this page, and choose generate password. WordPress will insert a complicated string automatically. You can delete this and choose your own. Make sure when choosing that the safety meter says strong by adding numbers, characters (*&^%#@! etc), capitalization and not using short words.


Still can’t log in?

  1. Log in to Hostmonster. (See tab above for instructions)
  2. Go to WordPress tools in the menu. Click the users button on the following page. Scroll to the very bottom, and you will see your user name, to the right will be an option to log into wordpress.
Reasons to create a support ticket

If you are creating a support ticket for your website it is because something may be wrong. Support tickets are considered technical support to fix problems such as being hacked, your website going down, a plugin or module breaking, or something serious. Support tickets are not used to access lessons in how to use wordpress or Divi. Support tickets must include your user name and password for WordPress and Hostmonster (NA for managed monthly plans). Prior to requesting support, if you manage your own website and do not belong to a monthly plan please ensure that your wordpress install, plugins, and modules are updated. I do understand that sometimes this is not possible. If you feel that updating will harm your site further, you can skip.

An emergency ticket is only issued if your website has gone down or you have been hacked outside of business hours. If this occurs and you need off hours support surcharges will apply.

If you need lessons please click here and schedule an appointment during business hours.  Lessons are only available for free when your site is built. You will receive an agreed upon lesson schedule. Once these lessons have been completed additional lessons are available for a fee. If you are currently enrolled in my online classes you will have access to group lessons, forums, and videos. If you are a premium monthly member you can schedule up to 2 free one on one lessons per month.

How To Contact Me

Please do not contact me for support or lessons through Facebook or Social Media. While many of you have become dear friends, I better know what to expect, and have access to better serve you via a support ticket, or scheduled appointment. Please adhere to this standard moving forward if you have not previously. In some cases such as online courses, you will have access to special forums and groups where you can post questions. These questions have no guarantee of being answered outside of business hours. In an extreme emergency only, if you are a current client you can call my phone number. An extreme emergency scenario is your whole website goes down after, during, or the night before a launch, You were hacked and your contacts were stolen, Your website URL has been stolen, Your site has been hacked and is being held ransom. To create a ticket, please click the button at the bottom of this page. For emergency support please put EMERGENCY in the subject line. For an EXTREME emergency only you may call the number I have given to you.

These things are RARE, and most likely will never happen to you if you keep your website updated, passwords changed, and do regular maintenance. If you have a maintenance plan or monthly membership, I ensure that these things are done accurately and on time.  Please be respectful and accurate if choosing an emergency ticket. Clients without a monthly premium membership will incur sur-charges for emergencies, so use wisely.  

Eligibility For Technical Support

Are you having an issue? Are you feeling nervous? It’s REALLY ok. Things can seem pretty serious sometimes when a website goes down, or a major issue arises. There are very few problems I can’t solve in a reasonable amount of time on a website I built. I’m here to accommodate all reasonable requests.  I have outlined some issues below, and how I charge for them.

** If I have not built your website, but you’d still like my help please reach me here. My ticketing system is for the use of current clients only. For new clients, a phone appointment will be necessary prior to getting assistance. **

Monthly Premium Members (Learn More and Apply For Premium Membership)
Unlimited free support tickets
One free Emergency or Extreme Emergency support per month (you’ll probably never need this).
2 free WordPress/Divi lessons per month
access to online course materials, Groups, Forums and videos

Current Hostmonster Clients with a monthly service package (purchase a monthly service package)
Unlimited free support tickets during business hours
Charges will apply at a discounted rate for emergencies or extreme emergencies (50.00/hr. Many problems are fixed within the hour. Issues that may take longer will be brought to your attention and an agreed upon rate will be set prior to implementation.)
Divi/Wordpress Lessons: Lessons given within a month of your completed website were already included in the cost of your website unless otherwise notified. I’m often happy to answer small questions via email. anything outside of those parameters is considered a lesson and an appointment must be made.
Unlimited email access

Online Course Students (Join our online classes)
Unlimited forum/group access
Unlimited video access
Access to me on weekly group calls & Q&A Sessions
2 support emails per week
1 one on one phone call
Weekly Critique 

Do you need help, but can’t afford it?
Sometimes scholarship and reduced fee opportunities become available. If your website is a TOP priority and you absolutely cannot access the resources to participate in Maintenance programs or Online curriculum’s you may apply here. Application is no guarantee of acceptance and strict adherence to our contract is necessary to participate.

Clients who have opted out of a monthly service contract
Please note: to keep up with demand, rates have changed. Without a service contract you are subject to the same fees as non members seeking support. While that rate remains fair it is commensurate with industry standards and will be applied. Any website I have built is eligible to participate in my monthly service program beginning at any time.   You may not sign up for a monthly contract discount, and cancel after a service has been rendered. Contract rates are 3 months min.

If you are seeking support for a website NOT built by me, contact me here. Include your URL, a description of your problem, your email address, your phone number, and the best time to reach you.


** IMPORTANT NOTICE: We cannot fix something going on with your actual computer. If it is computer related, or related to software run on your personal computer’s hard drive or phone apps (such as using ICAL instead of an online scheduling system, or setting up Outlook) I do not provide support. If you were informed against using computer specific software on your website I will be happy to suggest a replacement, but cannot provide support if you choose to move forward without implementing the changes, as deprecated plugins are dangerous. If I have previously told you of a deprecated plugin and you chose not to change it, I cannot fix it if it breaks and fees will be applied if it damages your website. **

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