A message from Carrie Pierce

Pierce Digital Creative will be taking over where Breathe Wellness Marketing left off. You may have noticed that I've made some big changes. I've got a new brand and new offerings. On a personal note, I have moved states which has been a lovely experience....

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Website Optimization For Holiday Sales

I know, I know, Halloween was just a few weeks ago and I'm already talking about the gift giving season. It's not even Thanks giving yet and stores are decked out in red and green. But here's why you should be thinking about it NOW. What big stores know is that sales...

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SEO top 3 tips

SEO doesn't have to be a mystery. There are MANY things I do as a professional SEO consultant that are a bit more complicated than the average business owner or employee has time for. But there are also a few things that anyone can do immediately to boost SEO that...

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