CHey guys!  It’s 6/23/2020 and we have all been affected by COVID-19 in various ways. Unfortunately for many, this means job loss. If you’re displaced from your job, or lost your job entirely you might wonder what’s next. I think sometimes deciding what’s next is easier when we know what’s possible.

If you are … 

  • Looking for a new job but not having much luck.
  • Had your hours cut and want to generate additional income.
  • Already know you want to start a business but have NO IDEA where to start.
  • Have NO experience in building anything online. 

If the above sounds familiar, then this blog series is definitely for you! Just a heads up, I’m starting as basic as possible. So if you’ve been around a few years already, have some experience in these programs or already have an online presence this video might be a bit basic for you. You can check back in as I release new videos as I’m sure i’m going to touch upon something you need to hear. 🙂

I will teach you how to get started creating an online business for free! It’ll take some work and elbow grease but you’ve got this.

In the video below we’ll do a high level overview of the free services you can take advantage of in your online business right away.

We’ll cover Wix, Mailchimp and Canva as I discuss general ways to get started with NO experience and NO technical knowledge. Later on in the series I’ll do a walk through of these services on how to set them up.