Get Your Website Ready For The Holidays

Helpful Tips And Tricks To Make The Most Of Holiday Sales

I know, I know, Halloween was just a few weeks ago and I’m already talking about the gift giving season. It’s not even Thanks giving yet and stores are decked out in red and green. But here’s why you should be thinking about it NOW. What big stores know is that sales start now, and optimizing early is key. Holidays can really drive sales. People are happy to spend their money preparing for the perfect family gathering, or will begin searching for the perfect gift right about now. Even if you’re in a service industry you can still offer something valuable to serve your customers for their holiday hustle. If your website isn’t ready to make your products and services look great, promote them to the right people, and make them easy to purchase you could be missing out. Read on for a few easy to implement strategies to prep your website for holiday sales. 

Here are some great tips for getting your website ready to sell this year! 

1. Have a plan
If you don’t have a plan, establish one now (I mean right now. Like, yesterday). If your business was around last year, you can choose your best selling products or services form last year to promote. If not, choose a product or service that’s easy to sell a lot of and make sure that your sales margins are sustainable.

2. Utilize the front page of your website
Use bright colors and graphics on a section of your website that is above the fold (the area before users scroll down) to promote your holiday sale and make sure it’s ready to go before black Friday. Free image editing programs like Canva can help you create graphics that pop. But make sure your text is not embedded in your image. Live text drives SEO and Google can’t read text on an image.

3. Get your website optimized
You can use plugins like smush to decrease the size of your images and optimize press to make sure your website’s code and databases are in tip top shape. Doing this increases your website’s speed. Increasing the speed of your website keeps users from leaving. If you need help you can reach out to me here.

4. Have a way for users to quickly purchase online.
It can be as simple as Paypal or you can set up a shopping cart on your website. Having easy to use purchase options will increase your sales. Don’t make your users click through 3 pages before they can finalize their purchase. If you are promoting through social media, have your link go directly to a sales page or the actual purchase page itself.

5. Promote on social Media
Facebook is great, especially if you know how to run an ad. But Instagram , Twitter, and even Linkedin can be great too! Promote everywhere possible.

6. Tell people on your email list!
This one can be forgotten sometimes. Don’t forget to set up an email schedule that is frequent enough to get noticed, but not so frequent that it’s annoying. Email accounts like Mailchimp and Constant Contact allow you to include buttons that link directly to a purchasable product.


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