I have A New Website And New Offerings

A Quick Note From Carrie Of Pierce Digital Creative

Pierce Digital Creative will be taking over where Breathe Wellness Marketing left off. You may have noticed that I’ve made some big changes. I’ve got a new brand and new offerings. On a personal note, I have moved states which has been a lovely experience. South Carolina is temperate and sunny. I get to go to the beach often and live in one of the most peaceful nature filled areas I’ve ever seen. Shortly after my move, my son and his partner brought Madelyn Grace into the world, albeit much earlier than anyone expected. She’s now thriving, and happy.

Change has brought many gifts into my life and so it felt like a great time to make some professional changes as well …

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve changed my brand from Breathe Wellness Marketing to Pierce Digital Creative. I’ll still be supporting all of the websites I’ve created, but I’m happy to be offering new services and expanding to work with new clients. This is a direction that feels really great as some of the work I have been doing is suitable for larger businesses and I now get to work directly with an ever growing list of clients in a way that feels sustainable and can have a huge impact on their businesses. I appreciate all of the support I’ve received in doing so and have gotten a great response with my newest offerings so far.

Some of my biggest changes: 
I now offer monitored hosting complete with website design at a monthly rate
I now offer SEO packaging priced to be affordable
I have a fantastic course coming out
I have implemented better support ticketing!

Some things that will never change
I love my clients
I’m always happy to check on things
I love teaching you about your website
I still have the best and easiest to use template in the world

If you are a past or current client I have created a great support ticketing system, but I’m just going to ask you to pop on over to the support page and read through to make sure you get the most out of tech support and services. I also have some new offerings that I’m very proud of. You might find something awesome there!

So consider this a BIG virtual hug! Thank you for the work we’ve done together and continue to do.



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